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Supporting Mega-Rule Compliance

Capitalize on Our Gas Transmission Integrity Management Expertise

Partner with our industry-leading experts, proven program methodologies, and documented compliance practices to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements of the Mega-Rule 1.

Gas Transmission Mega-Rule

Since 2011, we have been deeply involved in the Gas Transmission Mega-Rule and have significant expertise in pipeline safety regulations with dedicated and substantial resources to support the requirements the Mega-Rule imposes on natural gas operators.

Our solutions and programs are designed with new regulatory requirements in mind

  • Deep regulatory expertise and comprehensive understanding of the impacts and requirements of the Mega-Rule
  • MAOP Determination and Reconfirmation (§192.619 and §192.624)
  • Material Verification (MV) (§192.607)
  • Engineering Critical Assessments (§192.632)
  • The identification and assessment of Moderate Consequence Areas (MCAs) (§192.3 & §192.710)
  • Analysis of Predicted Failure Pressure (§192.712)
  • Revisions to TIMP Plans, required new Plans, and procedures required and impacted by the Mega-Rule

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