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Material Verification Intelligence

Regulation §192.607 requires a Material Testing Program to verify material properties (wall thickness, grade, seam type, toughness) on pipe segments with inadequate records. Why use MV Intelligence workflow options to establish a Material Testing Program?


  • Accessible from any geographic location with wifi or cellular service
  • Hierarchy permissions by user from multiple areas of the business
  • Coordinates multiple touchpoints from different areas within the business
  • Customizable interface tailored to demanding business needs
  • Zero demand on back end systems or IT support
  • Population Sorting
  • Test Status and Planning
  • Dashboards and customizable analytics


Create a free trial account and get a firsthand look at the MV Intelligence platform.


Populations are automatically identified and updated.

Monitor Progress

Dashboards show completion status of segment populations in real time.

Resolve Conflicts

Take action to resolve test/record conflicts quickly and easily.

Regulatory Compliance - Exceeding Expectations

MV Intelligence is a web-based software app, leveraging our expertise in program development, offering Operators a cost-effective way to implement a material testing program to comply with new PHMSA regulations.

How does our intelligence software act as a ‘center of gravity’ for a material testing program?

  • Provides automated analysis to ensure compliance
  • Connects personnel and processes across multiple geographies increasing efficiently within the pipeline organization
  • Maintains a ‘hands on’ approach to data reporting with MV Intelligence’s robust reporting features
  • Manages data storage for each pipe segment, complying with new regulations for records


Learn how compliance just got easier.


Learn from frequently asked questions.

Product Tour

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Already have a material testing program in place?

Upload existing data into MV Intelligence and test the capabilities compared to the existing data management system.


Interested in outsourcing the material testing program?

Our experts can collect non-destructive or destructive, material testing data and enter it directly into the database, eliminating wait time from manual reporting for results.

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